Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 10

Sydnee Capri walks around looking sexy in her blue dress ignoring that you are there watching her. She starts farting and blasts gas out from under her dress. She looks into the backyard and lets out some more nasty farts for you to smell. She puts her round ass right in your face and farts, but she still ignores you. You are only here to satisfy her fart fetish.

I am Diva Sara Akeera and I want to subject you to humiliation you only dreamed of. I order you to worship my pretty feet and lick the sweat off of them. Now I will pull up my skirt so you can get to work on some ass licking. You will listen close and I will teach you how to worship me because you are my slave and you need to listen to my instructions.

Emily and Sibilla don't like Alexandra so they force their way into her apartment then force her into humiliating fart smelling. They completely dominate and smother her with intense facesitting then start ripping smelly farts right on her nose. They take turns torturing Alexandria with wet and smelly farts and smother her with their ass until their gas is all that she breathes in. She almost gags on their fart and crotch smell.

Dolly likes to fart on her slaves and makes sure they can't get away when they get extra smelly. She holds this slave's head in the back of her stockings while his hands are tied behind his back, but that is still not enough humiliation for Dolly. She grabs his head hard and forces his face into her crotch and ass then puts him in a scissor lock so she can fart on him more.

Shayna was alone in her bed and Mia attacks her and starts wrestling with her. Mia overpowers her right away and facesits on her. Just when you think the humiliation couldn't get any worse, Mia starts letting out smelly farts right on Shayna's face. Shayna smothers under the full weight of Mia's ass and crotch and she can breathe nothing but her smelly farts as they are repeatedly blasted in her face.

Ariel Black is a pretty Canadian farting slut who loves to expose her asshole when she farts. Her smelly farts rip out of her tight asshole and fill the room with smell. The smell is so bad, it's not a surprise when dark brown shit starts poking out of her ass. She loves to fart and shit and gets off on you watching her. She wishes your tongue were in her asshole.

Sara tries to figure out what she ate the night before to give her such gas. She blasts loud and smelly farts one after another until the bottom falls out and she fills the toilet with her stinky diarrhea, She looks so sweet, it's hard to believe that such rancid smell is coming from her. She looks right after as if beckoning you to smell her nasty farts and watery shit.

Alice plays a giantress who crushes a little man with her ass. She makes him all smelly when she tucks him underneath her panties so it can be right in front of her asshole when she farts. Her soft, round ass cheeks suck the little toy man in her ass so she can blast it with gas. She is a dominating giant who smothers this little man with her ass crack and farts on him.

Cute brunette Kaylee gives an interview telling about herself, but you can tell way more about her by the way she farts. Her gas comes out of her pretty ass extra loud and smelly. She sits all over her house and farts and even lets you watch as her wet farts echo through the bathroom and make the toilet smelly. It is clear that she has a fetish for farting.

Bambina is a timid and shy girl who allows Candy and Gia to put her through facesitting torture, but she didn't know what she was in for. They facesit on her like usual, but this time they fart. Just when they press down on her face with their assholes on her nose, the let it rip with smelly farts. These gassy sluts torture poor Bambina and leave her face smelling like shit.

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