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Goddess Amirha wanted her slave to be obedient and she knew talking to him alone would not help. So she planned to humiliate him to help him understand what she said and meant. She used a trampling box to facesit on him. She smothered his face with her ass and it was painful. But the icing on the cake that sent the message home was when she farted on him nearly choking him.

This mistress did not have a slave to enjoy her farting fetish with. So she decided to use a doll instead. She loves farting so she did not mind that she did not have a slave. She just used the inflatable motorcycle to fart and had a lot of fun doing it. She had a lot of fun and was now thinking about what other toy to use in her farting.

Queen P lies around in her bed like she hasn't got a care in the world. That's because she is doing her favorite thing. She loves to fart. Her big lumpy ass sticks up in the air and fills the room with her smelly gas. Her farts are loud nasty as she blasts out one after another. She knows you have a fart fetish and you would love to stick your nose in her big ass.

Pretty brunette Gia was hanging out with her girlfriends and held back her farts as long as she could. She had to run to the bathroom to release all of her smelly gas. The loud farts echo through the bathroom and really stink up the place. She kind of likes it because she has a fart fetish and likes the smell of her own gas as it comes out of her sweet ass.

Sara tries to figure out what she ate the night before to give her such gas. She blasts loud and smelly farts one after another until the bottom falls out and she fills the toilet with her stinky diarrhea, She looks so sweet, it's hard to believe that such rancid smell is coming from her. She looks right after as if beckoning you to smell her nasty farts and watery shit.

Cute brunette Kaylee gives an interview telling about herself, but you can tell way more about her by the way she farts. Her gas comes out of her pretty ass extra loud and smelly. She sits all over her house and farts and even lets you watch as her wet farts echo through the bathroom and make the toilet smelly. It is clear that she has a fetish for farting.

This very cute girl is very gassy. She sat down to release the gas and after some smelly and loud farts echo through the bathroom, she starts to shit. She didn't know she had to shit, but the farts pushed out some stinky turds. She wipes her dirty asshole and shows you the shitty toilet paper. She then invites you to gaze at the shit that she left in the toilet.

Mistress Alice is a sexy mistress with a sexy butt that loves to make her farts sound as loud as she can! She has been eating a special diet all day long so that her farts will be as intense as possible when she releases them. She then takes her hands and spreads her ass apart as much as possible so that when she finally farts the sound is amplified.

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