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Two hot and horny college girls, Alaska and Denver, do everything together and have a blast doing it. They even take shits together so they can smell each other's poop. They bend over and start farting at each other to see who has the loudest and most smelly farts. These cute girls love farting and pooping for each other and they can't figure out which one they like more.

Ariel Black is a pretty Canadian farting slut who loves to expose her asshole when she farts. Her smelly farts rip out of her tight asshole and fill the room with smell. The smell is so bad, it's not a surprise when dark brown shit starts poking out of her ass. She loves to fart and shit and gets off on you watching her. She wishes your tongue were in her asshole.

Sara tries to figure out what she ate the night before to give her such gas. She blasts loud and smelly farts one after another until the bottom falls out and she fills the toilet with her stinky diarrhea, She looks so sweet, it's hard to believe that such rancid smell is coming from her. She looks right after as if beckoning you to smell her nasty farts and watery shit.

Sexy scat queen Alexa Poo sits on the toilet in her high heels and her panties around her ankles so you can watch her shit. She starts by pissing and you can hear the tinkle resonate in the bathroom. She lets out several gassy farts then starts pushing the turds out. The gorgeous shitting brunette fills the toilet with shit and fills the air of the bathroom with her shit smell. .

Mistress Salena is a sexy Latina college girl wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white tank top as she sits down on the toilet with her blue jeans between her ankles. She then starts pushing out her creamy load of shit as well and as each piece falls off of her sexy ass she lets out a wet juicy fart as the shit falls out of her asshole.

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