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Ariel is going to start farting, but she also may have an accident and began to start shitting instead. This has happened before in the past, but she is not worried. She has a loser slave that is going to be coming over and he can clean up the mess, but he also can stay just in case she has more gas that may end up turning into a big shit.

It makes Ariel so horny thinking about you watching her fart and she starts thinking about your nose tickling her dirty asshole. She gets wet and starts to play with herself. She rolls around on the bed masturbating and continues to blast you in the face with huge farts. She has a fart fetish and she farts and masturbates so much that she has an orgasm and she wants you to watch.

Ariel Black is an absolutely perfect and supple brunette who has a fart fetish. She invites you to her room so she can tease you with her perfect and tight ass. When you get nice and close to her sweet asshole, she blasts you with gas. Her smelly farts curl the hairs in your nostrils, but you would do anything to be close to Ariel's ass, even if you have to get farted on.

These two girls do not like their boss so they stay after work one day when they know he is working late and he's alone. They storm into his office and throw him to the floor. They start facesitting on him and crushing his body with their full weight then start farting on him. One farts on his body and the other farts in his face while his mouth is right over her ass.

Ariel Black is a pretty Canadian farting slut who loves to expose her asshole when she farts. Her smelly farts rip out of her tight asshole and fill the room with smell. The smell is so bad, it's not a surprise when dark brown shit starts poking out of her ass. She loves to fart and shit and gets off on you watching her. She wishes your tongue were in her asshole.

When it comes to Ariel and her farting, she believes in getting dressed up for the occasion. She puts on her pretties lingerie and thigh highs. When she gets in front of the camera, she finds that she is able to fart long and wet. She loves pleasing her slaves when she has them all on camera. She enjoys being in charge of something. It's something she won't be denied. Your skate plan sucks.

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