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This mistress with a big ass loves to fart. She enjoys the sound of farts as well as their smell. She likes to tell what a fart smells like based on what she ate. Today she wanted to fart on this tiny doll. She facesat on it and farted on it. It belonged to her friend who had wronged her and she pretended it was her friend and she farted on it cruelly.

Goddess Amirha does not like slaves who do not take instructions. Her new slave had that tendency and she wanted to nip it in the bud. So she tied him up with cling film. She then got on top of him and she facesat on him. She farted on the helpless slave and ground her ass while facesitting on him. He was in pain and he was humiliated but it taught him a lesson.

This mistress did not have a slave to enjoy her farting fetish with. So she decided to use a doll instead. She loves farting so she did not mind that she did not have a slave. She just used the inflatable motorcycle to fart and had a lot of fun doing it. She had a lot of fun and was now thinking about what other toy to use in her farting.

Max was humiliated by his mistress and he vowed to do it on someone else. He got a loser and did the same to him. He farted on his face and made him smell it

Two very sexy and dominating girls Gia and Nicollina caught a female intruder Mariah and they want to make her pay. They dominate and humiliate her with hard facesitting using their full weight to smother her under their asses and pussies. They push their asses down over her nose and mouth and blast farts right in her face to teach her a lesson. The smelly gas blasts into the face of the helpless Mariah.

Marusea has a lot of gas because she ate a lot of gassy food and she stored it all up in her ass for her female slave Ally. That's okay with Ally because she has a fart fetish and loves to smell Marusea's nasty gas. She humiliates her with facesitting and when she is helpless, she blasts her with farts in her face over and over again and Ally just wants more.

Cute young dominating brunette Emma invited Chad over and made him think he was going to get some, but all he is going to get is a face full of farts. She lies down in her jeans with her ass in the air and he sticks his face in it just in time to smell her fart. She pulls her pants down and makes him bury his face in her farting ass.

Emily and Sibilla don't like Alexandra so they force their way into her apartment then force her into humiliating fart smelling. They completely dominate and smother her with intense facesitting then start ripping smelly farts right on her nose. They take turns torturing Alexandria with wet and smelly farts and smother her with their ass until their gas is all that she breathes in. She almost gags on their fart and crotch smell.

Bambina is a timid and shy girl who allows Candy and Gia to put her through facesitting torture, but she didn't know what she was in for. They facesit on her like usual, but this time they fart. Just when they press down on her face with their assholes on her nose, the let it rip with smelly farts. These gassy sluts torture poor Bambina and leave her face smelling like shit.

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