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This guy had angered Mistress BlackDiamoond. He wanted forgiveness and was ready to do anything she wanted. She made him smell her farts as she farted directly on his face

Kaylee has had a fart fetish for some time and she likes to be filmed while she is blasting gas. This is a compilation of some of her best farting clips. She farts in jeans and tight pants and will blast smelly farts just about anywhere. She loves when you watch her fart and she would love to sit on your face and give you a nice big fart in your nose.

Cute young dominating brunette Emma invited Chad over and made him think he was going to get some, but all he is going to get is a face full of farts. She lies down in her jeans with her ass in the air and he sticks his face in it just in time to smell her fart. She pulls her pants down and makes him bury his face in her farting ass.

Princess Fierce is a sexy mistress wearing a black blouse with a pair of cream colored jean shorts over her sexy ass who is getting ready to give you a special surprise. She has her ass in your face and when you are least expecting it she is going to let a nice big fart rip! She farts and the smell is overwhelming and you want to bury your face deep in her ass to inhale it.

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