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This mistress did not have a slave to enjoy her farting fetish with. So she decided to use a doll instead. She loves farting so she did not mind that she did not have a slave. She just used the inflatable motorcycle to fart and had a lot of fun doing it. She had a lot of fun and was now thinking about what other toy to use in her farting.

Gia is a hot mistress who does not like to humiliate men unlike other mistresses. She prefers female slaves. She took this one and made her smell her stinky farts

This gassy brunette saved up her gas as long as she could and finally had to run to the bathroom because her stomach couldn't take it. She had to let out all the smelly gas. She loves it that you have a fart fetish and like to listen to her farts echo through the bathroom. She wants you here to smell them and wants your nose right next to her asshole.

Ariel Black is an absolutely perfect and supple brunette who has a fart fetish. She invites you to her room so she can tease you with her perfect and tight ass. When you get nice and close to her sweet asshole, she blasts you with gas. Her smelly farts curl the hairs in your nostrils, but you would do anything to be close to Ariel's ass, even if you have to get farted on.

Hi there fart fetish slave. Do you like my jet black hair and white skin? I put on these blue leggings so I could look extra hot for you. Come closer, I have a surprise for you. It's a bunch of smelly farts. Hold your nose next to my sexy ass so I can blast you with gas until all that you breathe is my farts. Do you like satisfying my fart fetish?

This POV clip puts you in the fart fetish action with the very pretty dominating brunette Gia. She looks at you and smiles because she knows what she is about to do to you. She teases you with her legs and perfect ass in very short shorts. She backs her sweet ass right up to your face and starts farting. She blasts smelly gas in your face and smiles at your humiliation.

Pretty brunette Gia was hanging out with her girlfriends and held back her farts as long as she could. She had to run to the bathroom to release all of her smelly gas. The loud farts echo through the bathroom and really stink up the place. She kind of likes it because she has a fart fetish and likes the smell of her own gas as it comes out of her sweet ass.

Sergeant Emily is a cruel and dominant pale skinned brunette with a pretty face and a thin and supple body. She has recruited a female cadet so she can show her how to be dominated. She just laughs at her as she lies in the floor motionless. She starts the initiation by facesitting on her and smothers her with her tight and sexy ass then starts farting right in her face.

This very cute brunette with a big ass loves to tease with her revealing outfits and sticks her big ass in the camera. Suddenly she starts farting. She has a fart fetish and she wants you to smell them. She loves to fart through her panties and pantyhose and loves it when the smell lingers. She thought she was done, but she has one more juicy fart and blows smelly gas in your face.

Jasmine is a dominant blonde and Mia is a submissive brunette. It's no surprise that, when they decide to wrestle, Jasmine gets the best of her quickly. As soon as she has her held down and helpless, she starts humiliating her by facesitting on her in her panties. As if that's not enough humiliation, she starts farting and blasting smelly gas right in the face of the helpless female slave.

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