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Jasmine is a dominant blonde and Mia is a submissive brunette. It's no surprise that, when they decide to wrestle, Jasmine gets the best of her quickly. As soon as she has her held down and helpless, she starts humiliating her by facesitting on her in her panties. As if that's not enough humiliation, she starts farting and blasting smelly gas right in the face of the helpless female slave.

This is a great compilation of fart fetish blonde Renee in various farting situations. She loves to fart and blast gas out of her gorgeous ass just about anywhere she goes and she likes it when you watch. This tan and horny blonde knows how much you like to see and hear her farting and she wishes that you were right under her ass so she could fart right in your face.

Sexy blonde Kristal gets nude so she can show off her entire tan body and big round boobs while she works out. Every time she strains herself, she squeezes out a smelly fart. Her gassy fumes start out small and smelly then get more and more wet and nasty the more she sweats. She loves to release her stinky farts when she works out, especially when you watch her doing it.

Poison Maggie is a sexy blonde mistress that loves to abuse her slaves as she gives them unique torture. She takes her current slave and sits on his face wearing her blue jeans and once she has his entire face covered with her sexy ass she lets out a violet fart that he is forced to inhale. She shows him no mercy as she continues to sit on his face until he has inhaled all of her sexy fart.

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