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This mistress wanted her slave to be humiliated. She called him and farted on his face. She forced him to smell and inhale her farts

My farts are nice and wet as they echo out of my big ass through my pink stretch pants. I want your nose right in the middle between my two huge ass cheeks and I want to blast gas right in your face until you gag on it. I have a fart fetish and you are the perfect slave for me to fart on and humiliate because you have a fart fetish too.

Hi there fart fetish slave. Do you like my jet black hair and white skin? I put on these blue leggings so I could look extra hot for you. Come closer, I have a surprise for you. It's a bunch of smelly farts. Hold your nose next to my sexy ass so I can blast you with gas until all that you breathe is my farts. Do you like satisfying my fart fetish?

Elizabeth is very rough and cruel when it comes to humiliating her slaves. She man handles them and makes them feel small before shoving their face in her ass so she can fart on them. She starts facesitting on this slave and farting on his nose and even grabs his head and shoves his face into her pussy. She completely dominates him and smothers him with her ass, pussy and farts.

This dominating brunette makes her slave smell the aroma of her ass up close. She makes him lie down so she can humiliate him with reverse facesitting in pantyhose then spreads her asshole over his nose. When his nose is right in her ass, she starts farting. Her smelly gas blows in the face of the slave, but there is no escape for him. His mistress is facesitting on him with her full weight.

I am Diva Sara Akeera and I want to subject you to humiliation you only dreamed of. I order you to worship my pretty feet and lick the sweat off of them. Now I will pull up my skirt so you can get to work on some ass licking. You will listen close and I will teach you how to worship me because you are my slave and you need to listen to my instructions.

Dolly likes to fart on her slaves and makes sure they can't get away when they get extra smelly. She holds this slave's head in the back of her stockings while his hands are tied behind his back, but that is still not enough humiliation for Dolly. She grabs his head hard and forces his face into her crotch and ass then puts him in a scissor lock so she can fart on him more.

Hi there slave, I want to tease you with my creamy white ass. I want you to smell it and stick your nose right in it so you can smell what I had for dinner last night. How about I rip some real nasty farts right in your face. Put your nose right in my dirty asshole so you can smell every bit of my gassy aroma. Don't you love my ass you nasty slave.

Sweet and sexy brunette Kate plays humiliating panty games with Walter. She throws them at him demanding that he catches them in his mouth. If he drops them, he has to pick them up with his slave mouth and when he tries to use his hands, she slaps him hard in the face. Now it's your turn to be her panty slave. Catch her panties with your mouth slave or you will get slapped.

It is no surprise to this slave that he is, once again, trapped under the ass of Kimberly Marvel. She smothers him with her huge ass as she facesits on him with her full weight. She gives him one nasty surprise as she farts while her asshole is right on his nose. The smelly fart fills his nose and mouth, but he is helpless. He has to breathe in his mistresses's fart.

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