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Mistress Crazy found some poor rocker whom she wants to sniff her chocolate sugar ass! She makes him kiss her ass cheeks and sniff all the scentful air between them and pushes his nose to her asshole as long as she wants it to happen. Her sexy chubby butt dominates the hard rocker and he worships his mistress' ass just like he has to! Very sexy Mistress Crazy with black leather stockings.

This dominating brunette makes her slave smell the aroma of her ass up close. She makes him lie down so she can humiliate him with reverse facesitting in pantyhose then spreads her asshole over his nose. When his nose is right in her ass, she starts farting. Her smelly gas blows in the face of the slave, but there is no escape for him. His mistress is facesitting on him with her full weight.

Sexy girl Kaylee has a good time on the toilet bowl as she farts loudly into the bowl and the noise is amplified in the small bath room. She farts on the bowl for several days in a row and makes a smelly, stinky mess in the bathroom. Her ass cheeks are spread on the toilet seat as she makes her loud farts into the toilet bowl below her.

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