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Kaylee has had a fart fetish for some time and she likes to be filmed while she is blasting gas. This is a compilation of some of her best farting clips. She farts in jeans and tight pants and will blast smelly farts just about anywhere. She loves when you watch her fart and she would love to sit on your face and give you a nice big fart in your nose.

Cute brunette Kaylee gives an interview telling about herself, but you can tell way more about her by the way she farts. Her gas comes out of her pretty ass extra loud and smelly. She sits all over her house and farts and even lets you watch as her wet farts echo through the bathroom and make the toilet smelly. It is clear that she has a fetish for farting.

Sexy girl Kaylee has a good time on the toilet bowl as she farts loudly into the bowl and the noise is amplified in the small bath room. She farts on the bowl for several days in a row and makes a smelly, stinky mess in the bathroom. Her ass cheeks are spread on the toilet seat as she makes her loud farts into the toilet bowl below her.

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