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Goddess Amirha was not happy that this guy had spanked her. She pretended to like it and even flirted with him and asked him to go home with her. But it was a trap and he regretted falling for it when he reached her place. She turned him into her human toilet and shit on him. She forced him to drink her pee and eat her shit as punishment and warned him against spanking women without permission.

This face farting slave is so ridiculous!!! I've caught his ugly face inside my ass crack, his head fixed tight by my thong. Now I want this stupid loser to smell my sexy farts! And I've got plenty of them today... Sometimes it seems that he enjoys being so close to my stinky ass, that's sooo deviant, haha!! But I agree, as long as I can use this submissive piece of shit for my desires!

Chad is almost excited when his girlfriend Emma calls for him out of the bedroom. But he's not gonna get what he's expected... Emma has some different plans and wants Chad to sniff her ass. Though he's shocked, he's even more curious and puts his nose between her ass cheeks - and then she farts!! She wants him to sniff all of her scent out of her jeans, and then she wants him to smell her farts from her thong! In the end he has to appease Emma's erotic farting desires by licking her asshole clean!

Oh boy, she's gonna make him regret the moment he was born when she sits down on his face with her beautiful black chubby ass! Her ass cheeks wrap around his nose so that he's gonna only smell the odor she's giving to him. And she's in for some farting trouble!! She stresses his mouth with some nice smelling farts while facesitting and tries out every angle and move to make it even more uncomfortable for him!

Jamie collected the gas inside of her intestines until she could film all of the consequences of her latest meals! She stretches her sexy ass that's barely covered with a black thong into the camera and farts like hell into the microphone. It gets really loud and gassy inside the room. You will lose your selfcontrol when you see her hot ass and realise that she is farting like the camera was your face!

Sarah Blake is a hot mistress with a nice ass. She called her friends to witness what she wanted to do to a guy she met in a club. She made him smell her farts. They also joined in and humiliated him

Mistress Alice is a sexy mistress with a sexy butt that loves to make her farts sound as loud as she can! She has been eating a special diet all day long so that her farts will be as intense as possible when she releases them. She then takes her hands and spreads her ass apart as much as possible so that when she finally farts the sound is amplified.

This sexy school girl has brought home on of her class mates to show him a good time. When he gets to her house she rides his face on the couch with her nice juicy ass cheeks dressed in her black thong. She rides his face hard making the bed go up and down and gives him some wet nasty farts right into his face as he lies beneath her.

She has a very beautiful butt so get close to take a nice look at it as this sexy bitch lets out a stream of nice wet farts right in your face. Her ass is so nice and smooth in her black thong underwear that you know you just want to take a bite out of it and stick your nose right in between those ass cheeks to breathe her farts.

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