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Goddess Amirha was not happy that this guy had spanked her. She pretended to like it and even flirted with him and asked him to go home with her. But it was a trap and he regretted falling for it when he reached her place. She turned him into her human toilet and shit on him. She forced him to drink her pee and eat her shit as punishment and warned him against spanking women without permission.

While Sylvie's lolling on the bed, her friend Kbunny pushes the shitface's head into her ass like he was her personal dildo! His face satisfies Sylvie with intense shovings when the slave's nose pushes her buttons - if he likes it or not! Not only this is more than humiliating for him, but also the end, where Sylvie spreads a big, loud and unexpected fart into his face while he can't escape!

I am Diva Sara Akeera and I want to subject you to humiliation you only dreamed of. I order you to worship my pretty feet and lick the sweat off of them. Now I will pull up my skirt so you can get to work on some ass licking. You will listen close and I will teach you how to worship me because you are my slave and you need to listen to my instructions.

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