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While Sylvie's lolling on the bed, her friend Kbunny pushes the shitface's head into her ass like he was her personal dildo! His face satisfies Sylvie with intense shovings when the slave's nose pushes her buttons - if he likes it or not! Not only this is more than humiliating for him, but also the end, where Sylvie spreads a big, loud and unexpected fart into his face while he can't escape!

It makes Ariel so horny thinking about you watching her fart and she starts thinking about your nose tickling her dirty asshole. She gets wet and starts to play with herself. She rolls around on the bed masturbating and continues to blast you in the face with huge farts. She has a fart fetish and she farts and masturbates so much that she has an orgasm and she wants you to watch.

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