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Chad is almost excited when his girlfriend Emma calls for him out of the bedroom. But he's not gonna get what he's expected... Emma has some different plans and wants Chad to sniff her ass. Though he's shocked, he's even more curious and puts his nose between her ass cheeks - and then she farts!! She wants him to sniff all of her scent out of her jeans, and then she wants him to smell her farts from her thong! In the end he has to appease Emma's erotic farting desires by licking her asshole clean!

While Sylvie's lolling on the bed, her friend Kbunny pushes the shitface's head into her ass like he was her personal dildo! His face satisfies Sylvie with intense shovings when the slave's nose pushes her buttons - if he likes it or not! Not only this is more than humiliating for him, but also the end, where Sylvie spreads a big, loud and unexpected fart into his face while he can't escape!

Most people totally underestimate casual clad girls. You'll see that this soft look is a false conclusion - when the girls feel domestic, they become even more ruthless! The four beauties torture their fat slave guy with their sexy jeansbutts and their ass cheeks leave him literally speechless! But not the way he'd have liked. He is unable to cope with this sexy but merciless asses as they sit on his face and fart straight into his mouth and nose!

Cute young dominating brunette Emma invited Chad over and made him think he was going to get some, but all he is going to get is a face full of farts. She lies down in her jeans with her ass in the air and he sticks his face in it just in time to smell her fart. She pulls her pants down and makes him bury his face in her farting ass.

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