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Goddess Amirha wanted to test her new slave. She wanted to know his limits so that she would know how best to punish him. She tried many things on him and now was her turn to try fart fetish. She made him lick her ass as she facesat on him using a trampling box. She smothered his face and then farted on him. She nearly choked him as he could not breathe properly.

Goddess Amirha found out that her slave was telling neighbors her secrets. She was pissed and had to make her slave learn to shut his mouth. She was pissed and she cruelly punished him. She did so using her shit fetish. She smothered his face with her ass and even forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. It was cruel and made him learn his lesson the hard way.

Both girls, Danni and Jesse have to use the toilet urgently at the same time... of course this leads to quarreling. Danni locked herself in the bathroom because she needs to poop, but so does Jesse - and there's no other way left than pooping into her trousers! After a while both girls meet again in diapers and start freeing themselves from their gasses and their buckler while they spread their legs.

Cute brunette Kaylee gives an interview telling about herself, but you can tell way more about her by the way she farts. Her gas comes out of her pretty ass extra loud and smelly. She sits all over her house and farts and even lets you watch as her wet farts echo through the bathroom and make the toilet smelly. It is clear that she has a fetish for farting.

Sexy scat queen Alexa Poo sits on the toilet in her high heels and her panties around her ankles so you can watch her shit. She starts by pissing and you can hear the tinkle resonate in the bathroom. She lets out several gassy farts then starts pushing the turds out. The gorgeous shitting brunette fills the toilet with shit and fills the air of the bathroom with her shit smell. .

This very cute girl is very gassy. She sat down to release the gas and after some smelly and loud farts echo through the bathroom, she starts to shit. She didn't know she had to shit, but the farts pushed out some stinky turds. She wipes her dirty asshole and shows you the shitty toilet paper. She then invites you to gaze at the shit that she left in the toilet.

Mistress Salena is a sexy Latina college girl wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white tank top as she sits down on the toilet with her blue jeans between her ankles. She then starts pushing out her creamy load of shit as well and as each piece falls off of her sexy ass she lets out a wet juicy fart as the shit falls out of her asshole.

This beautiful brunette goddess pulls down her tight red shorts and her green undies to reveal her sexy ass and give you some nice farts right in your face. She is so hot even when she is letting out a stream of smelly farts right into your face. She was going to let her farts out into the toilet bowl but decided since you were here she'd fart on you.

Sexy girl Kaylee has a good time on the toilet bowl as she farts loudly into the bowl and the noise is amplified in the small bath room. She farts on the bowl for several days in a row and makes a smelly, stinky mess in the bathroom. Her ass cheeks are spread on the toilet seat as she makes her loud farts into the toilet bowl below her.

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