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Mistress Salena is a sexy Latina college girl wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white tank top as she sits down on the toilet with her blue jeans between her ankles. She then starts pushing out her creamy load of shit as well and as each piece falls off of her sexy ass she lets out a wet juicy fart as the shit falls out of her asshole.

Mistress Kaylee is a sexy brunette mistress that loves to get in front of the camera and fart for her loving fans. She knows that you love to watch her fart and she knows that it turns you on as she pushes the air out her ass in front of the camera and lets you listen as she records the sound. She knows that you watch her videos over and over again just to enjoy her farting ass.

This sexy brunette mistress is ready to play her own sexy music for you as she bends forward in front of the camera wearing her sexy black leggings. She then takes her ass and pushes out some warm farts that make a loud noise as they escape out of her sexy round black latex covered ass. She knows that you love the sound of her sexy ass making music and that you want to see more of it!

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