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This gassy brunette saved up her gas as long as she could and finally had to run to the bathroom because her stomach couldn't take it. She had to let out all the smelly gas. She loves it that you have a fart fetish and like to listen to her farts echo through the bathroom. She wants you here to smell them and wants your nose right next to her asshole.

Pretty brunette Gia was hanging out with her girlfriends and held back her farts as long as she could. She had to run to the bathroom to release all of her smelly gas. The loud farts echo through the bathroom and really stink up the place. She kind of likes it because she has a fart fetish and likes the smell of her own gas as it comes out of her sweet ass.

Mariah invites you to watch her take a bath. Her nude body glistens as she sits in the shallow water. Suddenly, she lifts her legs and starts farting. Even farting is sexy with this sultry nude slut. She spreads her asshole so she can push out farts that make you feel like you can smell them. This is sure to be a smelly bathroom with all the farts she is blasting.

This very cute girl is very gassy. She sat down to release the gas and after some smelly and loud farts echo through the bathroom, she starts to shit. She didn't know she had to shit, but the farts pushed out some stinky turds. She wipes her dirty asshole and shows you the shitty toilet paper. She then invites you to gaze at the shit that she left in the toilet.

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