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Mistress Naughty wants her ass sniffer slave to smell the scent of her polyester panties that she has worn for several days. This is gonna torture the slave a lot! He sniffs around her ass cheeks and goes deeper into his destiny. The polyester maximizes the scent, but he has to sniff until there's no scent left just like he would've washed the panties! The poor guy also has to kiss her smelly ass.

My friend and I like to fart in front of the camera. Today we're gonna make something special: we're gonna fart our panty-asses out on the table! When our farts hit the hard surface, they crackle and seem very loud! Some of the farts are really wet, so that they moisten our panties a little. Hopefully that wasn't a shart, haha! You wanna explore the truth behind the sounds? I know you'd like to even smell the truth!

Ariel Black is an absolutely perfect and supple brunette who has a fart fetish. She invites you to her room so she can tease you with her perfect and tight ass. When you get nice and close to her sweet asshole, she blasts you with gas. Her smelly farts curl the hairs in your nostrils, but you would do anything to be close to Ariel's ass, even if you have to get farted on.

Alice plays a giantress who crushes a little man with her ass. She makes him all smelly when she tucks him underneath her panties so it can be right in front of her asshole when she farts. Her soft, round ass cheeks suck the little toy man in her ass so she can blast it with gas. She is a dominating giant who smothers this little man with her ass crack and farts on him.

Sweet and sexy brunette Kate plays humiliating panty games with Walter. She throws them at him demanding that he catches them in his mouth. If he drops them, he has to pick them up with his slave mouth and when he tries to use his hands, she slaps him hard in the face. Now it's your turn to be her panty slave. Catch her panties with your mouth slave or you will get slapped.

Katelyn was so sick of her boyfriend and the way he treated her friends so she had her witch mother turn him into a pair of panties. He feels so good against her soft skin and it feels even better when she starts farting. She is sure is face is right over her dirty asshole so she lets out smelly fart after fart to teach him a lesson because he deserves this humiliation.

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