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Katelyn was so sick of her boyfriend and the way he treated her friends so she had her witch mother turn him into a pair of panties. He feels so good against her soft skin and it feels even better when she starts farting. She is sure is face is right over her dirty asshole so she lets out smelly fart after fart to teach him a lesson because he deserves this humiliation.

Giantess Katelyn is a woman that doesn't mind making wishes come true. She loves making her lover happy but tonight she is going to make a wish or two come true for herself. She wants her lover to learn to breathe her into his lungs. When he's laid down, she bends over and farts. She continually does it until he stops fighting it, wanting to smell her. She loves making dreams and wishes come true.

The gorgeous genie Katelyn has just been released from her lamp thanks to your three wishes. One of your other wishes was to shrink yourself so you're able to inspect Katelyn's gorgeous ass in her black thong underwear. You shrink to pea size and crawl up her leg to check out her gorgeous ass. Once you are inside her ass cheeks she lets out a nice little fart in your face.

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