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These three amazing brunettes Emily, Gia and Kourtney love to mistreat their poor victim Kacie every chance they get. The triple team her so she can not move and they start taking turns farting on her. Two of them hold her down with their full weight so she can't move while the other one stands over her blasting farts in her face. The smelly farts blow out loud and fill the room with gas.

Sergeant Emily is a cruel and dominant pale skinned brunette with a pretty face and a thin and supple body. She has recruited a female cadet so she can show her how to be dominated. She just laughs at her as she lies in the floor motionless. She starts the initiation by facesitting on her and smothers her with her tight and sexy ass then starts farting right in her face.

Emily and Sibilla don't like Alexandra so they force their way into her apartment then force her into humiliating fart smelling. They completely dominate and smother her with intense facesitting then start ripping smelly farts right on her nose. They take turns torturing Alexandria with wet and smelly farts and smother her with their ass until their gas is all that she breathes in. She almost gags on their fart and crotch smell.

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