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Gia is a hot and horny dominating slut who shows no mercy on her female slave Bambina just because she is female. She dominates her with extra hard facesitting and wiggles her perfect ass all over face so she can get her nose nice and deep in her ass before she starts farting. Bambina can't stand the smell but she has to take it because Gia keeps facesitting on her with her full weight.

Bambina is a timid and shy girl who allows Candy and Gia to put her through facesitting torture, but she didn't know what she was in for. They facesit on her like usual, but this time they fart. Just when they press down on her face with their assholes on her nose, the let it rip with smelly farts. These gassy sluts torture poor Bambina and leave her face smelling like shit.

Bambina is a submissive little slut who will let her mistress put her through all sorts of humiliating torture. This time her hot dominating mistress ties her up and makes her sniff her smelly farts right out of her dirty asshole. She also uses facesitting to get her asshole stretched over Bambina's nose so her smelly fart can cover her whole face and she can't get away from the smell.

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