Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 14

Giantess Katelyn is a woman that doesn't mind making wishes come true. She loves making her lover happy but tonight she is going to make a wish or two come true for herself. She wants her lover to learn to breathe her into his lungs. When he's laid down, she bends over and farts. She continually does it until he stops fighting it, wanting to smell her. She loves making dreams and wishes come true.

When it comes to Ariel and her farting, she believes in getting dressed up for the occasion. She puts on her pretties lingerie and thigh highs. When she gets in front of the camera, she finds that she is able to fart long and wet. She loves pleasing her slaves when she has them all on camera. She enjoys being in charge of something. It's something she won't be denied. Your skate plan sucks.

When Melady tells Richie she wants to play a game, she didn't tell him what it was. She handcuffs him and puts him on the couch. She takes off her pants and puts her ass in his face. She gets comfortable and begins to fart in his face. With Richie handcuffed, she doesn't have to stop. He struggles at first but he doesn't want to get her up. He loves the smell of her wet fart

This male slave gets a taste of sexy Russian mistress Katja's juicy ass as she id dressed in her tight jeans. He thinks he's just getting a nice face sitting but Katja had this really tasty Mexican food for dinner and all those gas has to go somewhere. He's in for a nasty surprise as she lets out all of the Mexican hot air into his face until he is disgusted.

This sexy school girl has brought home on of her class mates to show him a good time. When he gets to her house she rides his face on the couch with her nice juicy ass cheeks dressed in her black thong. She rides his face hard making the bed go up and down and gives him some wet nasty farts right into his face as he lies beneath her.

This sexy girl shows you her nice pussy and ass hole from behind so go ahead and stick your nose up right in that ass so you can breathe in all of her wet farts. She has a nice buttery, smooth ass that looks delicious but just wait until you get your nose up in there to smell all of her nasty farts. You might change your mind very quick.

She has a very beautiful butt so get close to take a nice look at it as this sexy bitch lets out a stream of nice wet farts right in your face. Her ass is so nice and smooth in her black thong underwear that you know you just want to take a bite out of it and stick your nose right in between those ass cheeks to breathe her farts.

This beautiful brunette goddess pulls down her tight red shorts and her green undies to reveal her sexy ass and give you some nice farts right in your face. She is so hot even when she is letting out a stream of smelly farts right into your face. She was going to let her farts out into the toilet bowl but decided since you were here she'd fart on you.

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel is tired of living with her lazy, no good boyfriend who sits around watching the tube all day long. She gives him a punishment for being such a worthless nothing by sitting on top of his face with her nice round ass in her black skirt. Once she is on top of him she gives him a round of furious farting that will open his eyes.

The gorgeous genie Katelyn has just been released from her lamp thanks to your three wishes. One of your other wishes was to shrink yourself so you're able to inspect Katelyn's gorgeous ass in her black thong underwear. You shrink to pea size and crawl up her leg to check out her gorgeous ass. Once you are inside her ass cheeks she lets out a nice little fart in your face.

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