Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 6

This beautiful woman has a secret fetish that can be quite smelly and stinky. One of her favorite things to do is invite a slave over, because he thinks that he will be worshiping her ass. Little does the slave know, that he is going to be smelling some horrible gas as she is laughing right at him during a hard-core fart fetish humiliation session that she is completely enjoying.

This cute Mistress always has fun when she has a slave over. One of her favorite things to do is to enjoy her farting fetish. She has the natural ability to have some of the worst gas ever, so humiliating a slave with her horrible smells is quite entertaining to her. She loves to watch her slave make horrible faces as she forces him to sniff up all of the horribly smelly air.

When you have an ass as great as Jenny, you can do anything and get away with anything. For her part, she likes to make guys inhale her farts

This mistress has an ass to die for. And she knows it. She likes to take advantage of it and make guys smell her farts

This mistress is gorgeous and many guys want to bone her. But before they get to do that, she likes to fart on their faces and disgust them

Max was humiliated by his mistress and he vowed to do it on someone else. He got a loser and did the same to him. He farted on his face and made him smell it

Gia is a hot mistress who does not like to humiliate men unlike other mistresses. She prefers female slaves. She took this one and made her smell her stinky farts

This guy had angered Mistress BlackDiamoond. He wanted forgiveness and was ready to do anything she wanted. She made him smell her farts as she farted directly on his face

Sarah Blake is a hot mistress with a nice ass. She called her friends to witness what she wanted to do to a guy she met in a club. She made him smell her farts. They also joined in and humiliated him

Alexa wanted to fart. She likes the loud sound of fart. She tried to force it and she ended up shitting on herself. But she did not mind. She continued playing with her shit

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