Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 15

Shanya battles her male slave Chadam on the wrestling mats and overwhelms him with some of her wrestling moves. Chadam gets a face full of Shanya's nice ass in her white thong as she uses a reverse facesit to lock him into place. Shanya decides to let some good farts go right in his mouth and nose. has succumb to enough torture and one smelly ass that he has to give up.

Sexy girl Kaylee has a good time on the toilet bowl as she farts loudly into the bowl and the noise is amplified in the small bath room. She farts on the bowl for several days in a row and makes a smelly, stinky mess in the bathroom. Her ass cheeks are spread on the toilet seat as she makes her loud farts into the toilet bowl below her.

The sexy female day camp monitor sneaks up on the young boy who is lying in his sleeping bag and starts pushing and kicking his little head telling him how much of a loser he is. The young boy is forced to suffer this abuse from his sadistic monitor as she tortures him while he is stuffed in the sleeping bag. She leans over and farts right in his face.

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel comes home to find her lazy, shiftless, worthless boyfriend laying on the couch watching tv. Instead of cleaning up around the house like he is supposed to he is laying on the floor with his belly hanging out. As a punishment Kim sits on his face and gives him some loud, squishy farts right in his face. He gets to lay there and smell her farts.

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