Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 5

A lovely woman knows exactly what to eat, when she is deciding it is time for her to have some fun with a slave that will soon arrive. She recently ate a bunch of baked beans, because she wants to have really bad gas. She also knows that sometimes when she decides to fart, it can end up in a huge shit attack. She can hardly wait for her slave to arrive.

A pretty woman is going to show off all of her hidden talents on a video diary that is going to expose just how smelly and gassy she can really be. When she starts to fart, she is going to laugh hysterically, but she also knows that she is going to get a bunch of losers that would do anything they can just to smell her stinky farts and ass.

These two women know a few things about humiliation and domination, especially when they are going to challenge each other. Both of the ladies plan on using their strength, but they also plan on using the horrible gas they both possess. The plan is to take turns farting, just to see who can handle all of the horrible smells, but of course there is going to be lots of wrestling.

This Mistress loves to have fun with her slave. When he originally arrived, he thought that he was going to be able to worship her ass. Instead, she has a very unpleasant surprise waiting for him. She has that gas, so she is going to start farting in front of him over and over again making him sniff out all of the horrible odors that are coming from her ass.

Ariel is going to start farting, but she also may have an accident and began to start shitting instead. This has happened before in the past, but she is not worried. She has a loser slave that is going to be coming over and he can clean up the mess, but he also can stay just in case she has more gas that may end up turning into a big shit.

Candy is a mistress that has a hard-core farting fetish. She is going to have some fun with a slave, because her plan is to make him not only shoot a video of her farting, but she is going to make him stand there in the horrible smell and sniff her farts. She believes in domination and humiliation, so this is going to be the perfect way to show a slave who she is.

Julie is very attractive and she also is very hard-core. One of her favorite things to do is invite a female friend of her's over, because she likes to manipulate her friend and make her do things that she would not normally do on a video camera. Her plan is to make her friend get on the bed, so that she can sit on her face and fart, then laugh.

A pretty girl recently had a meal that is going to give her horrible gas. She also decided it was time for her to have a slave stand in the bathroom with her, while she was on the toilet. She is going to make the slave stand in the bathroom and smell all of her horrible gas, so that she is able to satisfy her hard-core fart fetish fantasy involving a loser.

Jessie is quite a woman, because she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She has been recently challenged to a farting contest, so she knows that she must try really hard and win the contest. Her plan is to eat food that will make her gassy, but then she is also going to hold all of the gas in until it is time for the contest.

A sexy brunette knows exactly what to eat in order for her to get some of the worst gas ever. She also enjoys turning on her video camera, so that she can make numerous videos as she is farting. Her goal is to make all of her slaves beg to come over so that she can take her time and thoroughly enjoy her face sitting and her fart fetish.

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