Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 7

This mistress wanted to fart. But it was not coming out. She inserted a small toy in her ass hole and let the farts out

This ebony mistress loves farting. This time round, she did not just want to fart and let it go. She wanted her slave to smell and enjoy the aroma of her fart

Jasmine and Mia love having fun. This time, they wanted to try facesitting like they saw online. They wrestled and Jasmine pinned Mia down and facesat on her. She made her smell her dirty ass and even farted on her face

This mistress wanted her slave to be humiliated. She called him and farted on his face. She forced him to smell and inhale her farts

It makes Ariel so horny thinking about you watching her fart and she starts thinking about your nose tickling her dirty asshole. She gets wet and starts to play with herself. She rolls around on the bed masturbating and continues to blast you in the face with huge farts. She has a fart fetish and she farts and masturbates so much that she has an orgasm and she wants you to watch.

This gassy brunette saved up her gas as long as she could and finally had to run to the bathroom because her stomach couldn't take it. She had to let out all the smelly gas. She loves it that you have a fart fetish and like to listen to her farts echo through the bathroom. She wants you here to smell them and wants your nose right next to her asshole.

Lady Jessica has a strange fascination with farts. Every time she starts farting, she gets horny. She spreads her legs in stockings and knee high boots and starts to blast you in the face with her gas. She farts in your face and starts to get turned on. The wet farts feel so good as they blast out of her naked ass. She almost has an orgasm from farting so much.

Ariel Black is an absolutely perfect and supple brunette who has a fart fetish. She invites you to her room so she can tease you with her perfect and tight ass. When you get nice and close to her sweet asshole, she blasts you with gas. Her smelly farts curl the hairs in your nostrils, but you would do anything to be close to Ariel's ass, even if you have to get farted on.

My farts are nice and wet as they echo out of my big ass through my pink stretch pants. I want your nose right in the middle between my two huge ass cheeks and I want to blast gas right in your face until you gag on it. I have a fart fetish and you are the perfect slave for me to fart on and humiliate because you have a fart fetish too.

Gia is a hot and horny dominating slut who shows no mercy on her female slave Bambina just because she is female. She dominates her with extra hard facesitting and wiggles her perfect ass all over face so she can get her nose nice and deep in her ass before she starts farting. Bambina can't stand the smell but she has to take it because Gia keeps facesitting on her with her full weight.

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