Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 9

Two hot and horny college girls, Alaska and Denver, do everything together and have a blast doing it. They even take shits together so they can smell each other's poop. They bend over and start farting at each other to see who has the loudest and most smelly farts. These cute girls love farting and pooping for each other and they can't figure out which one they like more.

This very cute brunette with a big ass loves to tease with her revealing outfits and sticks her big ass in the camera. Suddenly she starts farting. She has a fart fetish and she wants you to smell them. She loves to fart through her panties and pantyhose and loves it when the smell lingers. She thought she was done, but she has one more juicy fart and blows smelly gas in your face.

Jasmine is a dominant blonde and Mia is a submissive brunette. It's no surprise that, when they decide to wrestle, Jasmine gets the best of her quickly. As soon as she has her held down and helpless, she starts humiliating her by facesitting on her in her panties. As if that's not enough humiliation, she starts farting and blasting smelly gas right in the face of the helpless female slave.

Kaylee has had a fart fetish for some time and she likes to be filmed while she is blasting gas. This is a compilation of some of her best farting clips. She farts in jeans and tight pants and will blast smelly farts just about anywhere. She loves when you watch her fart and she would love to sit on your face and give you a nice big fart in your nose.

Two very sexy and dominating girls Gia and Nicollina caught a female intruder Mariah and they want to make her pay. They dominate and humiliate her with hard facesitting using their full weight to smother her under their asses and pussies. They push their asses down over her nose and mouth and blast farts right in her face to teach her a lesson. The smelly gas blasts into the face of the helpless Mariah.

Marusea has a lot of gas because she ate a lot of gassy food and she stored it all up in her ass for her female slave Ally. That's okay with Ally because she has a fart fetish and loves to smell Marusea's nasty gas. She humiliates her with facesitting and when she is helpless, she blasts her with farts in her face over and over again and Ally just wants more.

This is a great compilation of fart fetish blonde Renee in various farting situations. She loves to fart and blast gas out of her gorgeous ass just about anywhere she goes and she likes it when you watch. This tan and horny blonde knows how much you like to see and hear her farting and she wishes that you were right under her ass so she could fart right in your face.

Elizabeth is very rough and cruel when it comes to humiliating her slaves. She man handles them and makes them feel small before shoving their face in her ass so she can fart on them. She starts facesitting on this slave and farting on his nose and even grabs his head and shoves his face into her pussy. She completely dominates him and smothers him with her ass, pussy and farts.

Cute young dominating brunette Emma invited Chad over and made him think he was going to get some, but all he is going to get is a face full of farts. She lies down in her jeans with her ass in the air and he sticks his face in it just in time to smell her fart. She pulls her pants down and makes him bury his face in her farting ass.

This dominating brunette makes her slave smell the aroma of her ass up close. She makes him lie down so she can humiliate him with reverse facesitting in pantyhose then spreads her asshole over his nose. When his nose is right in her ass, she starts farting. Her smelly gas blows in the face of the slave, but there is no escape for him. His mistress is facesitting on him with her full weight.

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