Face Farting - Girls farting on face - Page 8

Hi there fart fetish slave. Do you like my jet black hair and white skin? I put on these blue leggings so I could look extra hot for you. Come closer, I have a surprise for you. It's a bunch of smelly farts. Hold your nose next to my sexy ass so I can blast you with gas until all that you breathe is my farts. Do you like satisfying my fart fetish?

Farting mistress Renee loves to feel gas coming out of her ass when she has pantyhose on. She can feel the warm farts spread around the pantyhose and cover her entire ass. The pantyhose also trap all the smell in them so she can save up fart after fart and pulls them down so she can smell them. She has a fart fetish that is so intense that she has to fart all the time.

Female slave Kacie lies on a cushion waiting to take her punishment. Today, Gia is going to fart on her for the first time. She starts to lower her sweet ass closer and closer to Kacie's face then drops her ass crack right down on her nose. When Gia is sure that she can not breathe anything but ass, she starts blasting her right in the face with smelly farts.

These three amazing brunettes Emily, Gia and Kourtney love to mistreat their poor victim Kacie every chance they get. The triple team her so she can not move and they start taking turns farting on her. Two of them hold her down with their full weight so she can't move while the other one stands over her blasting farts in her face. The smelly farts blow out loud and fill the room with gas.

This POV clip puts you in the fart fetish action with the very pretty dominating brunette Gia. She looks at you and smiles because she knows what she is about to do to you. She teases you with her legs and perfect ass in very short shorts. She backs her sweet ass right up to your face and starts farting. She blasts smelly gas in your face and smiles at your humiliation.

These two girls do not like their boss so they stay after work one day when they know he is working late and he's alone. They storm into his office and throw him to the floor. They start facesitting on him and crushing his body with their full weight then start farting on him. One farts on his body and the other farts in his face while his mouth is right over her ass.

Queen P lies around in her bed like she hasn't got a care in the world. That's because she is doing her favorite thing. She loves to fart. Her big lumpy ass sticks up in the air and fills the room with her smelly gas. Her farts are loud nasty as she blasts out one after another. She knows you have a fart fetish and you would love to stick your nose in her big ass.

Pretty brunette Gia was hanging out with her girlfriends and held back her farts as long as she could. She had to run to the bathroom to release all of her smelly gas. The loud farts echo through the bathroom and really stink up the place. She kind of likes it because she has a fart fetish and likes the smell of her own gas as it comes out of her sweet ass.

Dana has a big luscious ass that looks extra luscious in her blue spandex stretch pants. She is here to dominate a slave boy who loves to take her punishment. She smothers him and dominates him with hard facesitting and starts farting in his face. She sits on him with reverse facesitting and smothers him with her ass before she starts farting and blasting him with smelly gas through her spandex.

Sergeant Emily is a cruel and dominant pale skinned brunette with a pretty face and a thin and supple body. She has recruited a female cadet so she can show her how to be dominated. She just laughs at her as she lies in the floor motionless. She starts the initiation by facesitting on her and smothers her with her tight and sexy ass then starts farting right in her face.

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