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Shayna and Chadam are doing, what Chadam thinks is, harmless wrestling, but as soon as Shayna gets the better of him, she locks her legs around his arms so he can't move. She lowers her asshole and crotch down facesitting on him until he smothers then she starts letting out gross farts. Facesitting is humiliating, but not nearly as much as farting. Every breath Chadam takes is another smelly fart.

Mistress Mia is a sexy Amateur Facesitter and she has woken up early and caught Mistress Shanya still sleeping in bed. She quickly gets up on the bed and sits on Shanya's face and smothers her. One she has her smothered with her sexy round ass and has her nose and mouth covered she lets out a wet fart. Shanya is forced to smell the fart as her face is covered by her entire ass.

Shanya battles her male slave Chadam on the wrestling mats and overwhelms him with some of her wrestling moves. Chadam gets a face full of Shanya's nice ass in her white thong as she uses a reverse facesit to lock him into place. Shanya decides to let some good farts go right in his mouth and nose. has succumb to enough torture and one smelly ass that he has to give up.

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