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Shayna was alone in her bed and Mia attacks her and starts wrestling with her. Mia overpowers her right away and facesits on her. Just when you think the humiliation couldn't get any worse, Mia starts letting out smelly farts right on Shayna's face. Shayna smothers under the full weight of Mia's ass and crotch and she can breathe nothing but her smelly farts as they are repeatedly blasted in her face.

Shayna and Chadam are doing, what Chadam thinks is, harmless wrestling, but as soon as Shayna gets the better of him, she locks her legs around his arms so he can't move. She lowers her asshole and crotch down facesitting on him until he smothers then she starts letting out gross farts. Facesitting is humiliating, but not nearly as much as farting. Every breath Chadam takes is another smelly fart.

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