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Shayna was alone in her bed and Mia attacks her and starts wrestling with her. Mia overpowers her right away and facesits on her. Just when you think the humiliation couldn't get any worse, Mia starts letting out smelly farts right on Shayna's face. Shayna smothers under the full weight of Mia's ass and crotch and she can breathe nothing but her smelly farts as they are repeatedly blasted in her face.

Mistress Emma is a sexy mistress with long brunette hair wearing a pair blue jeans as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her sexy jeans covered ass. This sexy mistress takes her facesitting on step farther as she gets on top of him and then farts into his face as she presses down with her ass and forces him to smell and taste her fresh fart.

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel is tired of living with her lazy, no good boyfriend who sits around watching the tube all day long. She gives him a punishment for being such a worthless nothing by sitting on top of his face with her nice round ass in her black skirt. Once she is on top of him she gives him a round of furious farting that will open his eyes.

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