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Princess Fierce is a sexy mistress wearing a black blouse with a pair of cream colored jean shorts over her sexy ass who is getting ready to give you a special surprise. She has her ass in your face and when you are least expecting it she is going to let a nice big fart rip! She farts and the smell is overwhelming and you want to bury your face deep in her ass to inhale it.

Giantess Katelyn is a woman that doesn't mind making wishes come true. She loves making her lover happy but tonight she is going to make a wish or two come true for herself. She wants her lover to learn to breathe her into his lungs. When he's laid down, she bends over and farts. She continually does it until he stops fighting it, wanting to smell her. She loves making dreams and wishes come true.

When Melady tells Richie she wants to play a game, she didn't tell him what it was. She handcuffs him and puts him on the couch. She takes off her pants and puts her ass in his face. She gets comfortable and begins to fart in his face. With Richie handcuffed, she doesn't have to stop. He struggles at first but he doesn't want to get her up. He loves the smell of her wet fart

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel comes home to find her lazy, shiftless, worthless boyfriend laying on the couch watching tv. Instead of cleaning up around the house like he is supposed to he is laying on the floor with his belly hanging out. As a punishment Kim sits on his face and gives him some loud, squishy farts right in his face. He gets to lay there and smell her farts.

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