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Bambina is a submissive little slut who will let her mistress put her through all sorts of humiliating torture. This time her hot dominating mistress ties her up and makes her sniff her smelly farts right out of her dirty asshole. She also uses facesitting to get her asshole stretched over Bambina's nose so her smelly fart can cover her whole face and she can't get away from the smell.

Sexy scat queen Alexa Poo sits on the toilet in her high heels and her panties around her ankles so you can watch her shit. She starts by pissing and you can hear the tinkle resonate in the bathroom. She lets out several gassy farts then starts pushing the turds out. The gorgeous shitting brunette fills the toilet with shit and fills the air of the bathroom with her shit smell. .

This very cute girl is very gassy. She sat down to release the gas and after some smelly and loud farts echo through the bathroom, she starts to shit. She didn't know she had to shit, but the farts pushed out some stinky turds. She wipes her dirty asshole and shows you the shitty toilet paper. She then invites you to gaze at the shit that she left in the toilet.

Mistress Katja is a sexy brunette mistress that has eaten a lot of mexican food and now has the gas to go with it. She takes her slave and makes him lay down on the floor and she sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy round ass. She takes him and then once his nose and mouth are completely covered she starts farting and forces him to smell her stinky farts.

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