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She has a very beautiful butt so get close to take a nice look at it as this sexy bitch lets out a stream of nice wet farts right in your face. Her ass is so nice and smooth in her black thong underwear that you know you just want to take a bite out of it and stick your nose right in between those ass cheeks to breathe her farts.

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel is tired of living with her lazy, no good boyfriend who sits around watching the tube all day long. She gives him a punishment for being such a worthless nothing by sitting on top of his face with her nice round ass in her black skirt. Once she is on top of him she gives him a round of furious farting that will open his eyes.

Sexy vixen Kimberly Marvel comes home to find her lazy, shiftless, worthless boyfriend laying on the couch watching tv. Instead of cleaning up around the house like he is supposed to he is laying on the floor with his belly hanging out. As a punishment Kim sits on his face and gives him some loud, squishy farts right in his face. He gets to lay there and smell her farts.

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