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This amazing mistress loves to put on a pair of pantyhose. Then, she is going to call up the loser slave, because she wants him to come over for a secret surprise. Her plan is to hold and all of her gas, so that she is able to release a huge fart when he arrives. She will continue to fart repeatedly, as she is laughing at what a total loser her slave is.

A lovely woman knows exactly what to eat, when she is deciding it is time for her to have some fun with a slave that will soon arrive. She recently ate a bunch of baked beans, because she wants to have really bad gas. She also knows that sometimes when she decides to fart, it can end up in a huge shit attack. She can hardly wait for her slave to arrive.

A pretty woman is going to show off all of her hidden talents on a video diary that is going to expose just how smelly and gassy she can really be. When she starts to fart, she is going to laugh hysterically, but she also knows that she is going to get a bunch of losers that would do anything they can just to smell her stinky farts and ass.

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