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Queen P lies around in her bed like she hasn't got a care in the world. That's because she is doing her favorite thing. She loves to fart. Her big lumpy ass sticks up in the air and fills the room with her smelly gas. Her farts are loud nasty as she blasts out one after another. She knows you have a fart fetish and you would love to stick your nose in her big ass.

Pretty brunette Gia was hanging out with her girlfriends and held back her farts as long as she could. She had to run to the bathroom to release all of her smelly gas. The loud farts echo through the bathroom and really stink up the place. She kind of likes it because she has a fart fetish and likes the smell of her own gas as it comes out of her sweet ass.

Dana has a big luscious ass that looks extra luscious in her blue spandex stretch pants. She is here to dominate a slave boy who loves to take her punishment. She smothers him and dominates him with hard facesitting and starts farting in his face. She sits on him with reverse facesitting and smothers him with her ass before she starts farting and blasting him with smelly gas through her spandex.

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