Archive 5/2014 | Face Farting

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This very cute brunette with a big ass loves to tease with her revealing outfits and sticks her big ass in the camera. Suddenly she starts farting. She has a fart fetish and she wants you to smell them. She loves to fart through her panties and pantyhose and loves it when the smell lingers. She thought she was done, but she has one more juicy fart and blows smelly gas in your face.

Jasmine is a dominant blonde and Mia is a submissive brunette. It's no surprise that, when they decide to wrestle, Jasmine gets the best of her quickly. As soon as she has her held down and helpless, she starts humiliating her by facesitting on her in her panties. As if that's not enough humiliation, she starts farting and blasting smelly gas right in the face of the helpless female slave.

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