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This sexy brunette mistress is ready to play her own sexy music for you as she bends forward in front of the camera wearing her sexy black leggings. She then takes her ass and pushes out some warm farts that make a loud noise as they escape out of her sexy round black latex covered ass. She knows that you love the sound of her sexy ass making music and that you want to see more of it!

This sexy mistress loves to fart and she loves to do it in front of a camera so that you can get turned on from her loud wet farts. She is laying on her side on the bed as she wears skin tight green shorts and gets ready to let one rip. She then pushes out a wet juicy fart and ends up making a wet juicy mess into her shorts in front of the camera.

Mistress Talia and Mistress Gemini are two sexy brunette mistress that are working together to facesit on their loser slaves face. These two sexy mistresses work together as one of them sits hard on his stomach so he opens his mouth to yelp the other one lets out a warm juicy fart that is pushed right into his open mouth and he is forced to smell and taste his mistresses warm smelly fart.

Mistress Kate is a sexy brunette mistress that is eager to show her friend Mistress Julia how to face sit. She takes her slave and makes him lay on the floor so that they can face sit on him. Mistress Kate takes her sexy ass and sits on her slaves face and smothers him completely. She then gets off and lets her friend Mistress Julia sits on his face and smothers him for her first facesitting session ever.

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