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Mistress Alice is a sexy mistress with a sexy butt that loves to make her farts sound as loud as she can! She has been eating a special diet all day long so that her farts will be as intense as possible when she releases them. She then takes her hands and spreads her ass apart as much as possible so that when she finally farts the sound is amplified.

The Queen of farts loves to show off her farting skills as she lays in bed wearing a pair of blue Wrangler shorts. She lifts up her sexy ass off of the bed so that she can have the most air flow underneath of her as she lets her wet juicy fart go. She loves to know that you are getting turned on as she farts in bed just for you.

Mistress Mia is a sexy Amateur Facesitter and she has woken up early and caught Mistress Shanya still sleeping in bed. She quickly gets up on the bed and sits on Shanya's face and smothers her. One she has her smothered with her sexy round ass and has her nose and mouth covered she lets out a wet fart. Shanya is forced to smell the fart as her face is covered by her entire ass.

Mistress Kaylee is a sexy brunette mistress that loves to fart to please other people and she knows that you get horny by watching her fart. She has put together this collection of her farts as she farts all over the house. She has cameras installed all around the house so that way when she feels a fart coming on she can stick her ass right up to the camera and you can enjoy everyone of her farts.

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