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When it comes to Ariel and her farting, she believes in getting dressed up for the occasion. She puts on her pretties lingerie and thigh highs. When she gets in front of the camera, she finds that she is able to fart long and wet. She loves pleasing her slaves when she has them all on camera. She enjoys being in charge of something. It's something she won't be denied. Your skate plan sucks.

When Melady tells Richie she wants to play a game, she didn't tell him what it was. She handcuffs him and puts him on the couch. She takes off her pants and puts her ass in his face. She gets comfortable and begins to fart in his face. With Richie handcuffed, she doesn't have to stop. He struggles at first but he doesn't want to get her up. He loves the smell of her wet fart

This male slave gets a taste of sexy Russian mistress Katja's juicy ass as she id dressed in her tight jeans. He thinks he's just getting a nice face sitting but Katja had this really tasty Mexican food for dinner and all those gas has to go somewhere. He's in for a nasty surprise as she lets out all of the Mexican hot air into his face until he is disgusted.

This sexy school girl has brought home on of her class mates to show him a good time. When he gets to her house she rides his face on the couch with her nice juicy ass cheeks dressed in her black thong. She rides his face hard making the bed go up and down and gives him some wet nasty farts right into his face as he lies beneath her.

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