Archive 4/2016 | Face Farting

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Hailey and Chadam step into the ring, and of course Chadam first thinks that he's superior to her and starts self confident. It doesn't take long until he's disabused and Hailey beats him down, just to capture his whole head between her legs and punch his nose so that he loses his breathing air. For some seconds he loses consciousness and after waking up again, he finds himself still on the floor while Hailey's still beating him.

Most people totally underestimate casual clad girls. You'll see that this soft look is a false conclusion - when the girls feel domestic, they become even more ruthless! The four beauties torture their fat slave guy with their sexy jeansbutts and their ass cheeks leave him literally speechless! But not the way he'd have liked. He is unable to cope with this sexy but merciless asses as they sit on his face and fart straight into his mouth and nose!

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