Archive 4/2014 | Face Farting

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Kaylee has had a fart fetish for some time and she likes to be filmed while she is blasting gas. This is a compilation of some of her best farting clips. She farts in jeans and tight pants and will blast smelly farts just about anywhere. She loves when you watch her fart and she would love to sit on your face and give you a nice big fart in your nose.

Two very sexy and dominating girls Gia and Nicollina caught a female intruder Mariah and they want to make her pay. They dominate and humiliate her with hard facesitting using their full weight to smother her under their asses and pussies. They push their asses down over her nose and mouth and blast farts right in her face to teach her a lesson. The smelly gas blasts into the face of the helpless Mariah.

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