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Sexy blonde Kristal gets nude so she can show off her entire tan body and big round boobs while she works out. Every time she strains herself, she squeezes out a smelly fart. Her gassy fumes start out small and smelly then get more and more wet and nasty the more she sweats. She loves to release her stinky farts when she works out, especially when you watch her doing it.

Hi there slave, I want to tease you with my creamy white ass. I want you to smell it and stick your nose right in it so you can smell what I had for dinner last night. How about I rip some real nasty farts right in your face. Put your nose right in my dirty asshole so you can smell every bit of my gassy aroma. Don't you love my ass you nasty slave.

Sweet and sexy brunette Kate plays humiliating panty games with Walter. She throws them at him demanding that he catches them in his mouth. If he drops them, he has to pick them up with his slave mouth and when he tries to use his hands, she slaps him hard in the face. Now it's your turn to be her panty slave. Catch her panties with your mouth slave or you will get slapped.

Shayna and Chadam are doing, what Chadam thinks is, harmless wrestling, but as soon as Shayna gets the better of him, she locks her legs around his arms so he can't move. She lowers her asshole and crotch down facesitting on him until he smothers then she starts letting out gross farts. Facesitting is humiliating, but not nearly as much as farting. Every breath Chadam takes is another smelly fart.

Katelyn was so sick of her boyfriend and the way he treated her friends so she had her witch mother turn him into a pair of panties. He feels so good against her soft skin and it feels even better when she starts farting. She is sure is face is right over her dirty asshole so she lets out smelly fart after fart to teach him a lesson because he deserves this humiliation.

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