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This sexy brunette is wearing a sexy pair of red panties as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her round panties covered ass. As she sits on his mouth and nose she grinds down on his face and forces him to smell her pussy and her ass. Finally when his nose is shoved deep into her ass she lets out a very violent fart and forces him to smell and inhale it all.

Mistress Redbone is a sexy bbw mistress wearing a pair of sexy green and black panties as she poses on her bed on her hands and knees. She has been eating lots and lots of burritos and she has several serious farts that she is almost ready to release in your face. She holds nothing back as she starts farting and she lets you watch and smell her hard work!

Poison Maggie is a sexy blonde mistress that loves to abuse her slaves as she gives them unique torture. She takes her current slave and sits on his face wearing her blue jeans and once she has his entire face covered with her sexy ass she lets out a violet fart that he is forced to inhale. She shows him no mercy as she continues to sit on his face until he has inhaled all of her sexy fart.

Princess Fierce is a sexy mistress wearing a black blouse with a pair of cream colored jean shorts over her sexy ass who is getting ready to give you a special surprise. She has her ass in your face and when you are least expecting it she is going to let a nice big fart rip! She farts and the smell is overwhelming and you want to bury your face deep in her ass to inhale it.

Giantess Katelyn is a woman that doesn't mind making wishes come true. She loves making her lover happy but tonight she is going to make a wish or two come true for herself. She wants her lover to learn to breathe her into his lungs. When he's laid down, she bends over and farts. She continually does it until he stops fighting it, wanting to smell her. She loves making dreams and wishes come true.

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